our story has been more than three decades in the making and is an ongoing team collaboration. we are proud of our history and passionate about applying our supply chain knowledge to help manufacturers.


1976: R.G. Brewton Inc. was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as an industrial distributor specializing in the sourcing and application of abrasives for the steel industry.

created a reputation
for excellence

1987: In an effort to provide manufacturers with increased value, RGB grew our developing expertise in the distribution and application of cutting tools, coolants, and lubricants.

geographic expansion

Through the 1990's RGB continued its focus on abrasives and cutting tools distribution, adding new customers and expanded geographic reach across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.

industrial vending

2000: We installed our first industrial vending machines, choosing Autocrib as our partner from the start. Working hard within an evolving business landscape, we embarked on a period of focused change, adding new skill sets to our team and bringing to market new approaches in integrated supply to help develop solutions for manufacturers.

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partnership with Affiliated Distributors

2005: RGB's integrated supply model required that we supply a broader range of indirect materials to increase our service capabilities, we partnered with Affiliated Distributors (A-D), a $20 billion plus North American buying collaborative. A-D has provided cost-competitive access to suppliers of safety, MRO, welding, and janitorial supplies to name only a few primary categories.

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With our expanded service offerings and product category support, we began to partner with clients in new geographic markets including Indiana, Missouri, New York, and Wisconsin.


We are in the business of developing long-term partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers. We've collaborated with some clients for more than 15 years. We feel that the length of these relationships is a reflection of our commitment to value-added services, information transparency, and our passion for bringing supply chain efficiencies to manufacturing.

Over 3+ decades, RBG has evolved and grown to become a leader in the field of integrated supply and automated inventory management. We are proud to partner with our clients, and with our professional and dedicated in-house team.

To better understand the vision that drives us forward, please feel free to read the R.G. Brewton Mission Statement.

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