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Since 2000 we have proudly partnered with Autocrib Industrial Vending Systems, integrating their innovative vending solutions within the manufacturing facilities of the diverse industry-leading companies we passionately serve.

RDS (Remote Dispensing Station):

  • RDS machines are ideal for many types of repackaged tooling, and offer a variety of coil types for different sized items.
  • The machines utilize VendVerify™ on a 45 degree turn to prevent products from sticking or double-dropping.
  • RDS offers a TouchVend (touch screen) option, ideal for adding auxiliary units to increase machine capacity, as well as traditional keyboard configurations.
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  • RoboCribs have horizontal carousels, circular trays, and 15 doors.
  • RoboCribs are packaged with touchscreens and keyboards, with keyword search for over 19 fields.
  • RoboCribs are a good fit for wide SKU counts and tools of many shapes & sizes.
  • RoboCribs help to avoid repackaging.
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  • AutoLockers are best for calibrated and durable items.
  • They come in 10 standard sizes, with customization options also available.
  • Items can be vended on a “check-in/out” basis or with an “issue only” option.
  • Keypad and touchscreen interface options are available.
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  • The Elevend is designed for gloves and PPE.
  • It functions via a system of lasers and elevators that lift items to the user.
  • It’s an exceptionally fast dispensing product.
  • Bin Sizes: 7”x16”, 14”x16”, all 36” deep.
  • A maximum of 24 bins can be attached to each control tower (number of bins is completely customizable).
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  • The Intelliport is a complete class one, second generation RFID system.
  • Infrastructure requirements are minimal and tags are rewritable.
  • The Intelliport is ideal for the management of large items and for the reduction of associated labor in tool crib environments.
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Mobile Crib + Toolroom Tablet:

  • The Mobile Crib runs on Windows Mobile software and has both real time RF (802.11) and RFID options.
  • Provides freedom within a crib environment and is designed for issues, returns, physicals, cycle counts, as well as managing PO's, receiving, and location adjustments.
  • The Toolroom Tablet is an ideal mobile crib management solutions for toolroom attendants.
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  • ScaleMates provide increased capacity & security for smaller items.
  • ScaleMates eliminate the need to count small items.
  • Ideal items for ScaleMates include fasteners and drill bits.
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  • VisiCab is an automated tool cabinet that uses vision technology instead of RFID tags.
  • VisiCab presents hand tools in foam cutouts with contrasting background.
  • VisiCab operates using proprietary Vision Analytics Technology (VAT).
  • PC based, real time is able to see what tools are present/missing.
  • VisiCab has a battery backup that lasts up to 24 hours.
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Autocrib's technology is essential to unprecedented visibility into and control of indirect materials. In combination with our team's sourcing, ordering, replenishing, stocking and informing capabilities, we keep your machines up, your costs down, and your shop floor activity transparent.

Learn more about our ability to manage your indirect material supply chain by clicking below.

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