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With over three decades of industrial distribution and integrated supply experience, our team of tooling experts, procurement specialists, site managers, and information analysts develop tailored automated inventory management solutions for all kinds of manufacturing environments.

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RGB 2016 Industrial Vending Leader

June 28, 2016

R.G. Brewton is thrilled to have been named an Industrial Vending leader for a ninth consecutive year by AutoCrib. In conjunction with achieving Premi...

RGB 2014 Industrial Vending Leader

June 30, 2014

R.G. Brewton is thrilled to have been named an Industrial Vending leader for a seventh consecutive year by AutoCrib. As was recently noted in Industri...

We are committed to value-added integrated supply solutions that deliver measurable ROI, efficiency improvements, reduced inventory costs, and increased machine uptime.


Our approach to pricing is centered on a simple service fee structure that allows for the purchase of products at supplier cost. Clients can also choose to purchase products at a traditional mark-up. Both approaches are guided by our commitment to complete information transparency.


At RGB, we place a premium on developing partnerships with our clients and suppliers. Notable supplier partners include AutoCrib, one of the leading industrial vending innovators and Affiliated Distributors (AD), the largest wholesale buying and marketing group in North America.

Our Data

Our commitment to information transparency and value-added analytics is demonstrated via our web-based portal, MyRGB. Your customized portal provides supply chain, cost savings, and product usage information designed to help reduce the cost of manufacturing plant-by-plant.


For over three decades, we have built RGB with the vision of our founders, the experience of our leaders, and the strength of our people. Our team of integrated supply professionals is passionate about making manufacturers more productive every day.


Across a broad spectrum of industries, services, and materials, we are
prepared to meet the needs of your indirect material's supply chain.





consumer goods



primary metals


billing consolidation

data management & analytics

documented cost savings

field operations

industrial vending solutions

information systems integration

national service capabilities

rgb teams

sourcing management

spot-buy management

tool crib

tool crib management



coolants, lubricants & adhesives

cutting tools & accessories

janitorial & Sanitation

Maintenance   Repair & Operations (MRO)


getting started




Site Visit

Identify Client Goals
and Priorities

Design Site Layout

Machine Selection

RGB Team Deploys

Prepare On-Hand Inventory

Install Vending Machines

Train Clients on System Use

Begin Managing Inventory

Monitor Initial Use Patterns

Establish Reporting Baselines

Our inventory solutions are
tailored to the specific needs of your plant.

contact us to discover how we can help find solutions to your challenges and learn what your design and implementation timeline looks like.

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